The Ideology of Swami Dayanand


To speak of , write about, and believe in a thing as it is constitutes Truth.

The human soul possesses the capacity for ascertaining truth.

Differences among the learned create bad blood among the ignorant masses.





Finding solace in the belief that in the end truth must prevail and not error and 

that it is the path of rectitude alone that men of learning and piety have always trodden, 

true teachers never become indifferent to the promotion of public good

 and never give up the promulgation of truth.



Every thing calculated to the advancement of Knowledge and Righteousness 

is like poison to begin with, but like Nectar in the end.




Though we were born in Aryavarta ( India ) and still live in it, 

yet just as we do not defend the evil doctrines and practices of the religions 

prevailing in our own country-rather expose them fully-in like manner

 we deal with alien religions.  We treat the foreigners in the same as we 

treat our own countrymen in recognition of our common Humanity.






He alone can fitly be called a man who being strong, protects 

the weak.  He that injures others in order to gain his selfish

 ends, can be only be called a veritable animal.






We consider it the first and the foremost duty of every man

 to publish and propagate Truth without fear or favor.




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