Late Shri Satyanand Jee

How I remember him when I met him inTankara October 1967 42 years ago.

I just came from Bombay where I was working in Murphy Radio

Lakhanpal Pvt Ltd owned by my Uncle D.D.Lakhanpal, My father Shri Satya Dev Vidyalankar Jee

arrived in late 1965 in Tankara, Shri Satyanand Jee visted Tankara and was talking with my mother

Shanti Devji and was asking her how you get your water in this dry place, my mother Smh. Shanti Devi Jee answered that  students and I  go to Demi Nadi and  dig up sand and get water. He was  totally surprised he told her I know you are from Punjab Jullundur

Shiri Satya Dev Jee was a Prosferor in D.A.V Collge.  My mother said Listen my husband promised Mehar Chand Mahajan that

he will start Updeshak Vidyalaya in Tankara birth place of Swami Dayanand and we have to do what ever it takes.


These are the people who started the Updeshak Vidyalaya

Shri Mehar Chand Mahajan,Anand Priya Jee, Onkar Nath Jee Meha Ganda Ram jee Satya Dev Jee Vidyalankar

Now what we see in Tankara Trust this is due to only one person

Ram Nath Sehgal Jee 's  efforts and  hard work



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